Sonic Innovation offers the following musical services

Online CD Mastering

Manufacturable DDP CD masters - created from your source musical data in pretty much any format. We prefer uploaded audio files, but can happily accept : AudioCD / DataCD / Data DVD to 192Hz / DVD-A / Exabyte / DAT / Hard Drive / Memory Stick ... even mp3 if you must. Martin Russell will offer you the best audio path (in his opinion) for the musical context, supply reference versions and updates either on physical media or online, and retain your project during any approval phase. In common with some of the best mastering facilities world wide, converters by Benchmark and a state-of-the-art SADiE system are at the heart of Sonic Innovation's mastering services.

Recording & Mixing - analog and digital combined in a good way

A 24 input / 40 output Apple Mac-based audio rig is the main multitrack production platform, interfaced with the analogue warmth of a classic Soundtracs Solitaire inline console, hardware analog outboard collection and monitored on Quested active stereo monitors. This well-integrated blend of ancient and modern offers a versatile and flexible sonic environment. There is a small recording area within the space, as well as tie-lines to a great sounding rehearsal studio for any larger scale recording requirements.

GET IN TOUCH for advice, upload details and extremely flexible rate-for-the-job pricing!!

5.1 Surround sound - quite possibly the last bastion of dynamic range

Martin offers a 5.1 surround system - based around a Sony DMX R100 mixer, (seen here in its previous setting along with the Quested active 5.1 surround monitors) as an easily assembled "moveable audio feast" including his Apple Mac audio rig and analog outboard gear (and, of course, his own services). This is a setup that has generated surround music albums and music for TV and feature films such as Hotel Rwanda, and brings professional high-end capability within reach of anyone who needs to work in this format. It is a facility of particular use to anyone not wanting to leave their normal production or post-production spaces, and is an ongoing project with an evolving spec and capability.